Who We Are

"Indonesia is well-known for furniture production country. International brands have been manufacturing since 19th century."

Simetris Asia Rotan receives its first breath of life in 2022 when we saw the opportunity to produce world-class wicker furniture that exudes fine craftsmanship and sophistication.

Located in Cirebon, Indonesia, we are very fortunate to work closely with skillful artisans who combine time honored weaving techniques and the finest quality materials, to hand build each piece of furniture for your home. Their dedication to their craft, combined with our dedication to maintain the highest product quality standards, corporate efficiencies, and continuous improvement, make our company becomes a leader in cultural furniture industry.

Ethically made

Committing to social and environmental responsibility, including: fair labor practices, sustainable sourcing, minimize carbon foot-print, transparency, and community engagement.


Providing flexibility in design and configuration that make your pieces unique in the market.

Production Capacity

With a 2,100 sqm factory in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia, we are able to fulfill 72-100 containers per annum.